Chunkayyy Catches Party Poker Sunday Party Title and $17K

The heroes of Party Poker’s new triplet of significant competitions were the web-based poker website greatest champs this end of the week, with every one of the three occasions demonstrating famous.

This weekend, there were a lot of people attending the Sunday Carnival, Sunday Party, and Big Saturday. Over the next few weeks, Party Poker has decided to increase the guarantees for Sunday Party and Sunday Carnival; more on that without further ado.

Approximately 1,450 players became involved with the $150,000 Sunday Party for $109, and it was “Chunkayyy” that was the last player standing. The Party Poker Blog reports that with only 16 players remaining at the conclusion of Day 1, chunkayyy held the chip lead. They won the title and a total prize worth $17,016 after building on their impressive start to the tournament.

All nine finalists won at least $1,660 for their efforts, including bonuses

The first players to withdraw were “Greg Skaw” (worth $1,660), “SmudgeTh3Cat” (worth $1,843), and “load runner” (worth $3,234). As a result, only six players stood a chance of becoming the second-ever Sunday Party champion.

The untimely death of “riicko-Corleone” ($2,233) made the final six five, and the elimination of “The Zone” made the final four ($3,747). When “IIIIIIII” ($4,740) and “zadymiator” ($6,398) ran out of chips, heads-up was set.

“AreYaWideSham2” and Chunkayyy fought one-on-one for the title and the final, substantial bounty. From the main prize pool, both received more than $8,800, and the final bounties were equally valuable. Chunkayyy received a total prize of $17,016 after AreYaWideSham1 failed at the last hurdle and was awarded $11,740.

A Special Sunday Party Episode on February 26 is guaranteed to win $200,000 there will be a special Sunday Party episode airing at 7:05 p.m. GMT. Despite the fact that the buy-in remains at $109, the prize pool will be at least $200,000, which is $50,000 more than usual. Party Poker is making a brave move, not least because the first tournament had 1,608 players, but this one missed the guarantee by 50.

After turning their $22 investment into $5,165 and the Sunday Carnival champion title, “c0c0b0ng0″ probably partied the night away. Like the Sunday Party, this weekend’s Sunday Carnival attracted 2,335, which resulted in a slight overlay.

A four-figure prize was deposited into the accounts of all Party Poker players, with the exception of three. ““Vamo Baraio” ($744) and “Sherrell21” ($412) were the first two winners under $1,000. The other was “Kingsman41,” which came in sixth place and cost $769. At least $1,053 was awarded to everyone else for their efforts.

The Sunday Carnival advanced to the heads-up stage when “tsuyoshi12” ($1,429) and “jrebel99” ($2,800) bowed out due to the eliminations of “NarutoUzokraki” ($1,168), Kingman41, and “lovemiscou2” ($1,053).

By defeating “AAanddreams” one-on-one, c0c0b0ng0 increased their $2,876 main prize pool payout by $2,289, giving them a total prize worth $5,165. After almost winning the poker tournament at Party Poker, the runner-up took home $3,207, undoubtedly feeling more confident.

Guaranteed $75,000 in the Sunday Carnival for the Next Two Weeks

Not only does the Sunday Party now have a higher guarantee, but the Sunday Carnival on February 19 and February 26 also have prize pools that have increased from $50,000 to $75,000. For a $22 buy-in, there aren’t many $75,000 prize pools, so don’t miss the next fortnight of Sunday Carnivals.

“DeezNutzz4” Binks the Big Saturday Party Poker introduced The Big Saturday to fill a void left by the previous tournament schedule overhaul by bringing high-stakes action to the site on Saturday. “DeezNutzz4” was the last player standing and was awarded $5,882 in cold, hard cash in this week’s $215 buy-in $30,000 guaranteed Big Saturday, which saw 148 players take to the virtual felt.

DeezNutz4 won the title and the majority of the pot by defeating “Good Kat” head-to-head. After losing at the last hurdle, Good Kat received a $4,104 consolation prize to console themselves.

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