Flappers, a Stakelogic Online Slot, Pros and Cons

To begin, let’s quickly define flapper, a term with two distinct meanings. The first, and least interesting, is the moniker given to WWI wives whose husbands had been killed in action. The second, far more light-hearted description was employed to describe certain Western ladies in the 1920s. These vivacious doers favored bobbed haircuts, were often immoral, favored short skirts, looked down on proper behavior, and listened to jazz. They were quite scandalous at the time, but by today’s standards, such actions would be seen as the ordinary. The second, happier definition of the phrase inspired Stakelogic to create the Flappers slot machine.

You had to admit that life in the 1920s looked like a lot of fun. At least, that’s how it is portrayed in media. Brilliant art deco style and design, a renewed sense of human optimism in the wake of the carnage of World War I in Europe. It was now time to forget our troubles and have some fun. Stakelogic’s homage to the decade features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. The reels are see-through, and the symbols dangle from the ceiling of an ornate stage decked out in the classic gold and black of the era. Stakes may vary per operator and will either be 20 p/c to $/€50, or 20 p/c to $/€100 every spin, depending on the settings. Three-of-a-kind combinations are the most lucrative, but hitting scatters for the bonus round is the ultimate goal.

Half of the paytable symbols are high-value Flappers, and the other half are low-value symbols. Hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs are the low-paying card suits. The Flappers range in color from blue to green to orange to red, each representing a different famous model from the era. The most lucrative combination is five of the red card, which pays out 25 times the initial bet for a full house. The premiums in the standard game appear as 3×1 sized symbols, which can fill an entire reel. A golden microphone serves as the game’s wild symbol, and its 2×1 dimensions allow it to stand in for any other symbol outside the scatter.

Flappers is not a gritty slot machine, despite the gangster-looking scatter and the glamorous women. Really, it’s not that wild. Mid-range volatility (ranked 3 out of 5) is what really drives the low-key mathematical approach. Like stakes, you can stumble into two versions of Flappers. One comes with an RTP of 95.48%, which is slightly lower than the current norm, but doable. The other one has a lower return to player (RTP) of 94.47%, giving the house a tiny edge. For our money, the slot’s payout is a little on the modest side, considering its potential.

Slot Machine in the Style of the Flappers (by Stakelogic)

Only a free spins bonus that modifies the rules of the main game and a gamble option are available in the Flappers slot machine. The Al Capone gangster emblem is the scatter and can occur anywhere, as was previously mentioned. It has a size of 2×1, and whether or not it is completely in view, it is still counted as a single scatter. When 3, 4, or 5 scatters appear, the player receives 8, 15, or 40 free games, accordingly. A respectable sum, however keep in mind that the bonus game cannot be retriggered during free spins because scatters do not appear.

The premium female symbols are reduced to 1×1 size during Free Spins, but they can grow to span entire reels to increase winning combinations. The implementation of active reels causes this to occur. One to five reels will be selected at random for each free spin. When one of the 1×1 premium Flapper symbols appears on a spinning reel, it will grow to cover three positions and transform into a Wild Girl Symbol. During free games, Wild Girl Symbols can replace any other symbol except the Scatter, and 3, 4, or 5 of them award 50, 200, or 1,000 coins, respectively.

In order to get the most out of Flappers, players have the option to Gamble their winnings. If you choose to bet, a new screen will appear over the reels and ask you to estimate the suit or color of a hidden card. If you can predict the suit correctly, you can quadruple your money. If you make a bad guess, the feature will terminate and you will lose the win.

Flappers is not without its charm. It’s a pleasant little trip to the 1920s, and the visuals aren’t bad. The flapper-esque women depicted on the icons appear like they would have been a blast to throw a party with in the 1920s. A fun time could be had by the casual gambler. If you’re hoping to time travel to the Roaring Twenties, you should keep an eye out for the variant with the highest return to player percentage. It’s possible that gamers will have a passable time if they don’t mind their weak records and lackluster victories.

Instead of a wild Berlin party, Flappers will remind other players of an awkward cocktail gathering with people they hardly know. Flappers’ key flaws are its moderate volatility and its lackluster potential. Perhaps Max is using a pre-hyperinflationary 1920s exchange rate in his calculations. With a maximum payout of only 1,798 times the initial wager, even the most casual of gamblers will likely look elsewhere. Overall, Flappers is a charming game, but it could have used more of the liberated opulence represented by the title heroines.

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